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Continuous Training

We believe our employees are the most valuable resources to achieve our success. To ensure the quality of our employees at all levels and to secure a stable supply of future generations of management personnel, we have set up the training committee to organize and oversee a comprehensive training program for our employees. The goal of the training programs is to train our employees and to identify talent, with the aim of providing upward mobility within our Company, fostering employee loyalty and incorporating customized mentoring, coaching and training. We continuously provide tailored trainings and career guidance to our incoming and existing employees on general and technical knowledge and skills including first aid, safety, integrated management system, risk assessment, cost control, project management, project experience sharing, green and environmental protection and latest legal compliances and requirements and specialised knowledge in their respective service segments.

We believe our training programs also help to promote internal upward mobility, which not only increases employee retention rates, but also produces the type and quality of management personnel needed for our expanding business.

Cultivating a Continuous Learning Culture

Continuous Learning

To seize opportunities in a constantly changing business and social environment, it is important that we keep our skills and knowledge up-to-date. The Group has invested significant resources in organising staff training and development programmes. We have also established the Training and Education Subsidy Scheme to cultivate a continuous learning culture. The Scheme not only helps unleash the potential of our employees, but also improves employee satisfaction and fosters their loyalty.

Nurturing the Young Talent

Taking into consideration our unique and diversified businesses, we are keen to nurture the young talent to become part of our team of professionals and motivate our Group’s growth and success. Fresh graduates are offered the opportunity to move upward in their career path as qualified professionals. Since 2013, we have been organising the Project Management Procedures Training Programme for engineers, in addition to the Graduate Scheme ‘A’ Training conducted by the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers. Other training sessions, seminars, workshops and technical visits are tailored to the needs of individuals covering professional development, management and technical skills.

Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning